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TR Turner

T.R. Turner

Starting with our head groomer extraordinaire, T.R. Turner, she is a sought-after, award-winning dog groomer in Calgary with 26 years of experience who has had a successful in-home grooming business for the past 13 years. T.R. has many loyal, long-term clients, some date back to 2003. She likes to stay up to date on techniques and products by attending workshops, competitions and dog shows. In 2017, T.R. ventured into competitive grooming and won “Best Novice in Show” in just her second show! T.R.'s skills were recognized globally during the pandemic, achieving placements at Groomania in Belgium, the Ireland competition and the Maryland competition. She is also active in the Calgary Sketch & Painting Club (one of the first art groups in Calgary), various slo-pitch teams, dog sports teams and many volunteer organizations.


Sadie is a passionate dog lover based in Calgary, Alberta, who has been working with canines of all breeds and sizes for the past 1.5 years. With her experience in obedience training and dog sports, she has developed a deep understanding of the unique personalities and needs of each individual pup. Sadie's dedication to respecting these canine companions is evident in her work, as she has built strong relationships with many four-legged friends over the years. Having owned horses, donkeys, rabbits, and dogs on her acreage, she recognizes the powerful bond between humans and animals that goes beyond mere companionship.

With a strong passion for understanding different dog breeds, Sadie is grateful to have found her calling in working with animals which has ultimately allowed her to form many deep bonds over the years. Sadie loves sharing stories about her furry friends with other dog enthusiasts and looks forward to discovering new connections through her passion for working with dogs.


Payton was born and raised in Calgary and has an adored passion for dogs and outdoor adventures. Growing up, she was always surrounded by canines and developed a real love for and connection with them. Payton has been playing hockey for 14 years now and currently plays recreational hockey at the University of Calgary. In addition to that, she loves skiing, especially in the spring when the snow is at its best.

Payton is a second-year student at Mount Royal University majoring in Communications with a focus on Public Relations. She loves learning new skills and exploring what she can do within this field.

Along with academics and playing hocky, Payton loves spending time with her spunky 2-year-old Westie, “Harper”. Together they enjoy long walks and fun games of fetch, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Payton is an avid learner with strong values and an even stronger work ethic; an outstanding student and athlete who strives for excellence in all that she does.


Melissa is an enthusiastic dog lover who has dedicated her career to helping pet owners give their canine companions the best possible quality of life. With over 18 years of experience in the pet industry, Melissa has had the pleasure of working with a variety of dogs and customers, and is constantly amazed by their unique personalities and quirks. Currently, Melissa and her son live with Rosie, a 9 year old deaf English Bull Terrier, and George, a 5 year old English Bull Dog – who bring tremendous joy and love into her life.

She is passionate about her work, always striving for new and inventive ways to provide support and guidance for pets. Whether it's through nutrition, training or simply spending quality time with them, Melissa is dedicated to ensure each dog she meets with feels loved and cared for. If you're looking for someone who is dedicated, passionate, and loves dogs unconditionally - look no further than Melissa!

She looks forward to meeting you and your furry friends and help them live their very best life!


Kendell is a kind-natured soul and professional groomer with five years of experience providing pampering spa treatments for all our furry friends. She understands the importance of establishing trust with her clients and works diligently to ensure they feel safe and pampered throughout the grooming process. Her enthusiastic approach, love for all pets and passion for grooming is evident from the moment you’ll meet! From their wagging tails to snuggles and smooches, you’ll know your furry friend feels loved and pampered, from nose to paw, on each visit with Kendell!

When she's not grooming, Kendell loves competing in prestigious grooming competitions such as Mastergroom Canada and West Coast Groom Fest, where she unleashes her creativity and styling prowess. She also enjoys attending grooming seminars and trade shows, exploring the latest trends and techniques to keep our adorable furballs looking their best!

When she's not busy being a groomer, Kendell spends quality time with her family at FishCreek Park, a tranquil oasis that provides endless opportunities for relaxation and appreciation of nature. If you're ready to give your beloved pet the VIP treatment it deserves, Kendell is your go-to groomer!


Deborah, a Regina native, has called Calgary home for the past 35 years. Her affection for the Qu'Appelle Valley runs deep, and she has been a devoted fan of Heelers for decades. Alongside her love for music, Deborah enjoys attending concerts and live performances. For the past two years, she has been making a positive impact in the community through her current job. Deborah, highly respected and adored not only by our customers, fellow colleagues, but most importantly, by our adorable furry friends at Urban Dogs.